Battle of Blades Is Square Enix’s New Smartphone Game With 4v4 Battle Arena Action

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We recently saw a new teaser from Square Enix that showed a bunch of weapons from different series for a new smartphone game, and it has been revealed today as Battle of Blades.


Battle of Blades is a new smartphone game described as a 4-on-4 fantasy battle arena game, where you’ll participate in team battles with four members on each side.



In multiplayer, the objective is to control the bases located on the field.



You’ll team up with four players to take on the powerful enemies known as “Darkness.” They have boss battles and loot as rewards for doing so.



There’s a customization option for you, the “Hero.” You can use the Mana Board to unlock power-ups, equip accessories to change your looks, and more.



The game’s single player mode has a story written by Yuichirou Higashide, who worked on Fate/Apocrypha and Ayaka Shibito. The story will show us the respective justice of the good and bad of heroes on both sides.


Battle of Blades launches in Japan sometime this year for iOS and Android. Those of you interested can pre-register here.

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