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Battle of Elemental Reboost Adds Five New Playable Rival Characters



AMZY shared the latest on the enhanced 3DS port of their DSiWare title Battle of Elemental Reboost with a look at five new playable rival characters and other new features.




Celsius’ alter ego. She specializes in speedy moves and is equal to Celsius in alertness and agility, making her a tough rival character.




2016-05-11_032906Fahrenheit’s alter ego. She uses her “Ice Satellite”  to hit enemies with numerous ice blades. She has high evasion but low durability so she’ll need to be careful about not getting shot.




The Phantom Messenger Mel is Mole’s alter ego. With her high inductivity and number of projectiles, she has attacks that are easy to hit with. However, they’re not that strong, so she’ll need to make up for it by landing extra hits.



2016-05-11_032944 Biot’s alter ego Io. Io is able to increase her attack speed by a great amount but she’ll need to be careful and play more defensive when her speed increase ability isn’t active.



2016-05-11_032959 By meeting certain conditions…


Again, the game adds new modes with Survival, which lets you 1v1 NPCs using the character of your choice. The Battle Records lets you check stats such as how many battles, number of wins, win percentage, and best Survival mode wins. A new key configuration mode will also let you adjust the controls to your liking.


Battle of Elemental Reboost will release in Japan in June 2016 for Nintendo 3DS for the price of 500 yen on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

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