Each Battle Offers Unique Mechanics In Turn Based RPG Creepy Castle



Creepy Castle, a retro-styled sidescrolling RPG, offers players many different types of mechanics and combat layouts against its major enemies rather than just one battle system.




Creepy Castle follows Moth, an actual moth that has set out to stop a castle filled with creatures that have set out to create a device that will alter evolution. Moth isn’t the only insect that will be out on this adventure, though, as players will act as many different bug people while striving to undo the monsters’ plans.


The monsters have no intention of just letting you stop them, and so the player must enter duels each time they come across resistance. Each of these duels offers a unique battle mechanic for that creature, involving various different play styles and inputs, as well as varied abilities for each creature. As such, players will need to prepare for just about anything when they contact a monster.




Outside of combat, players will still need to be careful as the real-time sidescrolling gameplay involves many pits and traps. The castle’s defenses are not solely the monsters in its halls, but also the many different mechanisms inside of it.


Creepy Castle is available now on Steam.

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