Battle Princess Of Arcadia Introduces A Strategic Element To The Beat ‘Em Up RPG

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In Nippon Ichi Software’s upcoming action RPG, Battle Princess of Arcadia, you’ll be playing as a redheaded princess named Plume, who will be taking on hordes of enemies and giant monsters. A new feature in the game brings a strategic element to the side-scrolling beat ‘em up RPG, NIS recently revealed.


The above image is a look at the new feature called “Raging Brawl,” which was teased in our earlier report. This battle mode will have two armies going head-to-head in real time, where you’ll see your main character fighting in the front and other members also fighting in the background. Whichever side that can eliminate the most opponents will be the victor of the Raging Brawl.


An important part to keep in mind for the Raging Brawls is the soldier morale, which are indicated by a gauges for both sides. There are various factors that will increase or decrease morale. When your morale is high enough, you’ll get to use battle positions or activate special attacks to increase your chances at winning.


One way of increasing your army’s morale is by defeating enemies in the front part of the screen. If you can manage to take enemies out in a quick and stylish fashion, it will further increase your army’s morale.


There are various types of army units you can set up for the Raging Brawl, such as Sword Corps, Shield Corps and more. These units have their own strengths and weaknesses—for example, swords are strong against bows and magic users are effective against axes. Having the right setup before going into battle can be a huge advantage for your side.


As mentioned, armies will have access to special attacks that use up the entire morale gauge. Each army corps have their own special attacks, which can be used to turn the tides of the battle.


Later down the road, you’ll start encountering more powerful enemy armies. In order to keep up, you’ll be able to level up your army units, which not only increases their parameters, but will also grant access to more powerful skills. Nippon Ichi didn’t mention how the armies will be leveling up; however, they promise to reveal this in their next report.


Battle Princess of Arcadia is slated for release on September 26th for PlayStation 3.


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