Battle Princess of Arcadia’s Giant Bosses Aren’t Hurt By Normal Attacks

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In Nippon Ichi Software’s upcoming action-RPG, Battle Princess of Arcadia, you play as the princess Plume, who must fight monsters and lead armies against enemy troops. Sometimes, you will also need to lead an army against a single, giant monster in the Hyper Melee mode. These giant boss monsters are known as Ancient Weapons and wield tremendous power.


Just like in the Raging Brawl, your army has a moral gauge that lets you activate special attacks and maneuvers. Another part of fighting these monsters is changing your army’s formation. To go on the offensive, use the Attack Formation. To build up your defense and endure the enemy’s attack, use the Guard Formation. When you want to pull back your forces, command them to evacuate.


The Ancient Weapons come in different shapes, but they are all massive. If you don’t manage your army carefully, they will be completely annihilated.


Unlike normal monsters, the Ancient Weapons each have a shield that deflects normal attacks. To destroy these shields, you must strike it repeatedly and execute your character’s ultimate attack. Once the enemy’s shield is down, let your army rush in and pummel the beast.



When your morale gauge is full, you can also unleash a powerful finishing move that is unique to each playable character.

Your army can use seven types of weapons: swords, bows, guns, staves, axes, spears, and large swords. The branches of your army will vary depending on the character you control. If you play as Plume, Lartz, or Yuni, your army will be a combination of fencers, archers, and mages.

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When you return to the castle town, you can go to the barracks and use military funds to strengthen your army. You can increase their levels and stats, as well as upgrade their equipment and teach them more powerful attacks. When you upgrade your army’s special attack to a certain level, you will even learn how to call forth a powerful Summon Weapon.




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