Battle The Entire American Army As Kim Jong-Un Riding A Unicorn



    Glorious Leader is a 16-bit satirical run ‘n’ gunner currently on Kickstarter. In it, you play as supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-un, as he obliterates the entire American army.


    It’s to have seven main missions, across which you’ll wield machine guns, flamethrowers, bazookas and WMDs, taking down key components of the American military. You’ll also ride a unicorn, a porpoise, and a rocket in three of them. There will be huge bosses to defeat too. One of them involves battling a Terminator-esque version of the Statue of Liberty.


    There are also power-ups known as “Divine Powers” that come in active (offensive) and passive (defensive) form. One of the active Divine Powers involves calling in your deceased father, Kim Jong-il, to spin up a storm of screen-filling explosions.



    Two bonus missions are also to be added. Developer Moneyhorse Games is asking for fans of the game to help come up with the ideas for these bonus missions, and one example it uses it taking down Sony. Very topical.


    If you didn’t know, Sony cancelled Seth Rogen’s comedy film The Interview recently due to many cinemas refusing to screen it after hackers launched a cyber attack against the company. The film concerns a fictional plot to kill Kim Jong-un.


    You can pre-order yourself a copy of Glorious Leader for PC on the Kickstarter page for $15. Unless you’re quick enough to get one of the early bird specials and get it for $10 instead.

    Chris Priestman

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