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How Battles In Operation Babel, The Vita Sequel To Operation Abyss, Work



Mages and dungeon RPG developer Experience are working on a sequel to Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, which is headed to the West by NIS America. The official website shares more details on the Operation Babel’s battle system.


Operation Babel boasts a speedy turn-based battle system with Blood Code skills for direct attacks, spells, and various other ways to attack enemies. They also have elemental attributes, which will be the key to smoothly winning fights.


The game also puts emphasis on party set-ups, and the equipment they use, which affects your overall attack range. The Blood Codes are basically “Hero Powers” with various skills that the characters learn as they level up. There are also over 140 different types of skills and spells to mix and match.


One thing that sets apart Operation Babel from other DRPGs is the Union Skill ability, which you pull off by putting together the powers of all party members. They come in three different systems of “Brave,” “Magic,” and “Academy”. We’ll get more details on those later, but for now, we know that they’ll be pretty powerful.


In Operation Abyss, things got pretty dangerous after repeating several battles. Operation Babel introduces a new system that increases rewards for successive battles; however, the danger levels will also increase as well, so there will always be a risk involved.


Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy will release in Japan on April 30, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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