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Bayonetta 2 Director Given Dolls Of The Game’s Characters For His Birthday



As it has been a year since Bayonetta 2 was released in Japan, the development team that worked on it reunited (as they’ve since gone their separate ways) to celebrate.


This included eating a fruity Bayonetta 2 cake while listening to the game’s soundtrack and reminiscing on the times spent together while working on the game.


Also at the event, as it is also Bayonetta 2 director Yusuke Hashimoto’s birthday this week, he was presented with a range of cute hand-made Bayonetta 2 dolls.


Hashimoto also revealed that it was in requesting to add a Star Fox Arwing to Bayonetta 2’s shooting stage as an extra that someone at Nintendo noticed and decided to ask about having Platinum Games on as a co-developer for Star Fox Zero.


“Honestly, I’m still amazed at how much content the staff were able to fit into the game right up until the end, and I believe that their unwillingness to compromise quality led to the opportunity for us to make Star Fox Zero, so I have to express my gratitude to their hard work,” Hashimoto said. “We’re back at it again now, trying our best to figure out how to provide unique gameplay experiences that utilize two screens in Star Fox Zero—look forward to it.”


He also revealed that there was originally an alternate costume for Bayonetta based on Famicom Detective Club as it was the first video game he ever finished. “We were thinking that dialog could kind of fly out from Bayonetta’s weapon when she attacked, and this dialog could change the longer you held the attack button,” Hashimoto said. “We were also thinking that wearing the costume could cause ‘incidents’ to occur in Noatun, but it just pushed us way over capacity so we eventually had to cut it.”

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