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Bayonetta 3 Day One Patch Notes Explain Naive Angel Mode Additions

Before people start Bayonetta 3, a day one patch can be downloaded, and its notes mention some Naive Angel Mode additions.

A 1.1.0 day one update is available for Bayonetta 3, and the patch notes confirm it adds to Naive Angel Mode. Once applied, it also allows people to upload scores to Online Rankings leaderboards. Some rebalancing is mentioned as well, though no specifics were offered.

The Bayonetta 3 Naive Angel Mode additions are among the most detailed ones. To explain, this optional mode makes certain scenes more friendly for players of all ages by adjusting clothing for characters like Bayonetta and Madama Butterfly during certain scenes. Once the update is applied, someone can choose to turn the feature on when starting a game. If it isn’t, someone would need to go into Options. There are also more changed scenes available if enabled.

Here are the full Bayonetta 3 day one patch notes from the Nintendo Support site.

Game Modes

  • Added some additional scenes for Naive Angel Mode, which decreases depictions of violence and nudity.
  • Additionally, Naive Angel Mode can now be enabled by players upon beginning the game.
    • This mode can be enabled after starting the game as well by going to OPTIONS, then Screen Display. This mode cannot, however, be enabled from the OPTIONS menu during chapter play. It can be changed from the Title Screen, or from OPTIONS in CHAPTER MENU.


  • With Online Rankings, players can now upload their scores and times.Upload Method
    • When on the chapter results screen, press the + Button.
    • Select CHAPTER MENU, then Online Rankings, choose a chapter you have cleared, select a difficulty, then press the + Button.
    • Select CHAPTER MENU, then Play History, choose a chapter you have cleared, then press the + Button.
  • In accordance with the Online Rankings, if a player had a score or time above the “Platinum” rating before the updated data was applied, the score or time will be revised to match the base value of the “Platinum” rating.
  • The “Total Time” for each chapter will be modified if the time is faster than a specific base value.


  • Adjusted game balance.
  • Fixed several other issues to improve the gameplay experience.

Here’s a trailer showing some of the changes people will see in Bayonetta 3 when Naive Angel Mode is enabled.

Not pictured is how Rodin’s cigars will be changed into a snack.

Bayonetta 3 is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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