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Bayonetta 3 Soundtrack Streaming Online Now

Bayonetta 3 cover art
Image via Nintendo.

Platinum Games announced the Bayonetta 3 Original Soundtrack is now available via music streaming services. People can find it on places like Amazon Music, Spotify, and YouTube. The digital album consists of 271 songs leading up to a bit more than 7 hours of music. It features tracks from many points in the game. In addition, this album is now also available buy digitally on a variety of platforms like iTunes.

Check out the announcement for the digital distribution of the Bayonetta 3 Original Soundtrack from Platinum Games’ official Twitter account here below.

The album has also been organized into 8 different discs, each containing approximately 30 songs. Many people will recognize some of the songs included such as “Gh()st,” “Al Fine,” “We Are As One,” and “Get to the Climax.”

On the same note, we were told the official Bayonetta 3 art book was released back in February 2023. It feature lyrics both in English and Japanese for the songs now found in the digital album. You can also find many notes left by the development team about the process behind designing the game and its characters.

Bayonetta 3 is readily available for the Nintendo Switch. The Bayonetta 3 Original Soundtrack is also now available on music streaming services.

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