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Bayonetta 3 Still Scheduled for 2022 Release According to Nintendo


According to a Nintendo financial report, Bayonetta 3 is still scheduled to release in 2022. Information about the title has remained relatively scarce since its initial announcement, with an extended trailer for the title, which included gameplay, appearing in September 2021. Shortly after the reveal of this trailer, PlatinumGames Executive Director Hideki Kamiya stated that Bayonetta 3 would remain a Nintendo Switch exclusive unless Nintendo decided otherwise.

Announced in 2017, updates regarding the development of Bayonetta 3 would appear sporadically. In 2020, Kamiya reiterated several times that the game had not been cancelled. Further updates revealed that development on the title was progressing relatively well. However, while Bayonetta 3 is expected to release sometime in 2022, a concrete release date has yet to be shared. That said, one should appear in the future, which will give consumers a clearer idea of when the title will eventually launch.

Bayonetta 3 is an entirely new installment in the series. In the September 2021 trailer, consumers are given a look at the titular character’s latest outfit, along with several demons that will be appearing in the game. A majority of the trailer features a look at gameplay, with a key demonstration being a fight between Bayonetta and a demon.

Bayonetta 3 is in development and will release for the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2022.

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