Bayonetta’s Nintendo Themed Costumes Are Incredibly Detailed

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As reported earlier in the week, the original Bayonetta will be included along with retail copies of Bayonetta 2, and the game has some original content on the Wii U that wasn’t present in the original version. One of these pieces of content is new costumes for Bayonetta, based on Link, Samus and Princess Peach.


The catch is, the Nintendo-themed costumes also change the way Bayonetta’s attacks look. For example, when you use the Link costume, Bayonetta equips the Master Sword. Additionally, all Halos, which are the currency in Bayonetta, turn to Rupees and make the same sound they do when you pick them up in the Zelda games. Finding items results in Zelda music, too.


Speaking during a Nintendo Treehouse livestream, Bayonetta 2 director Yusuke Hashimoto said that PlatinumGames worked with Nintendo’s designers on each new costume that they created. Hashimoto said that, initially, there was an undershirt beneath Bayonetta’s Link costume, but that Nintendo suggested they get rid of it, since it wasn’t fitting of Bayonetta’s character.


Hashimoto joked that he was surprised Nintendo would suggest that, but PlatinumGames went ahead and removed the undershirt, giving the costume its final form that you see above.


Another costume in the game is Samus’ Power Suit from Metroid. Hashimoto pointed out that this is the original Power Suit, not the Varia Suit with rounded shoulders.


One neat feature present in this costume is that you can change whether the visor on the helmet is up or down. You can change the visor on the fly depending on your preference. While using this costume, Bayonetta equips Samus’ arm cannon.


Finally, the Peach costume has Bayonetta dressing like Princess Peach. This costume causes her to summon Bowser’s fist instead of a demon, and it changes all Halos to coins.

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