Beastmancer Is About Capturing, Controlling, & Battling Huge Monsters

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Beastmancer is a game of collecting, controlling, and battling monsters, pitting your own gathered party of fierce beasts against other crews of monsters in grid-based tactical combat.


Beastmancer offers sixty different kinds of monsters that players can come across as they explore a land of crypts, dangerous woods, and sprawling deserts. Players can capture the creatures they find as they explore these places, training them to improve the strength and abilities before putting them in their main party.

The main goal of capturing and improving monsters is to be able to battle through a tournament to see who is the best Beastmancer, all while figuring out the origins of the tournament. To win, players will need an array of monsters with varied abilities, so it will be important for players to continually improve their team through other battles and by collecting newer, tougher beasts. Players can tip things in their favor with items and spells, though, helping them get a little edge in the grid-based combat.


Beastmancer is available now on Steam.

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