imageNamco Bandai is developing a Bakemonogatari video game and it has a unique "battle" system. Bakemonogatari Portable, Jump explains, has a conversation drama battles where players choose different dialogue options.


It’s kind of like rock-paper-scissors where one choice trumps another, but nobody has a real advantage. Each correct choice deals damage and you win the fight by whittling your opponents gauge down to zero. Black Hanekawa is confirmed as a playable character in Bakemonogatari Portable.


Bakemonogatari Portable also lets players design their own cutscenes using delusion mode. As you play through the game, you’ll earn phrases (the same ones you would use in combat) which you can use to direct event scenes. Bakemonogatari Portable lets players pick characters, background music, and costumes. Each custom event can be at most 60 scenes, which sounds long enough for a short story.


Bakemonogatari Portable comes out on August 23.

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