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Beat ‘Em Up Skills Will Help You Improve Your Home Town In SkyKeepers



Chief Tangi is out to save his world from monsters and dangerous creatures, and will help out his village using the spoils of his victories in beat ‘em up SkyKeepers.




Players will control Tangi, taking him through various stages of an ancient world. To tangle with the hostile forces he comes across out there, player will use his axe fighting abilities, chaining together combos, juggling foes into the air, and then keeping up the pace by teleporting to them and continuing to rip them apart.


Fallen enemies will drop items and materials that can be used back in Tangi’s village, improving the buildings and features of the place. As the village grows and gets spruced up, Tangi will gain new skills and attacks he can use out in the field, tying the health of his people with his skills as a warrior.




Skykeepers will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 28.

Alistair Wong
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