He Beat Her Gives Players Five Minutes To Change A Guilty Verdict


He Beat Her takes place in the last five minutes of an abuse case in court, and only through asking the right questions and prodding for information in a hurry will the player be able to turn a guilty verdict around.


He Beat Her has the player acting as the lawyer, their client accused of abuse. Most characters in the game feel that the player’s client is guilty, but it will be up to the player and their line of questioning to find out if this is true or not.

He Beat Her offers two hundred and thirty five potential choices that lead down forty two different paths, offering multiple conclusions to the court case. Players can choose to seek out justice, or take a more immoral path should they like, in their attempts to prove the client guilty or not.


He Beat Her aims to look into the world of male victims of domestic abuse and preconceptions surrounding them in the court system. It is available for free on

Alistair Wong
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