The Beauties Of Yandere Hell Are Here To Love You… Forever

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Nippon Ichi’s dangerously-named visual novel, I Thought It’d Be Harem Paradise But It Turned Out Yandere Hell, is beginning to spill the beans on its story and characters. You are the lucky (luckless?) main dude, Kisaragi Yuuya, the deputy head of the high school history research club.


And because it’d be otherwise worrisome and bothersome in a storyline revolving around the concept of yanderethe woman who are all sweet on the outside and absolutely murderously insane on the inside—your parents passed away while you were young, leaving you all alone. Oh dear, this can’t end well.


Part of the story revolves around creating a mascot character such as the ones we mentioned in the last post for the school festival; an example being Kumamoto Prefecture’s Kumamon (who, to be absolutely clear, is not in this game… although he’d fit). For Yandere Hell, though, it will be a mascot they’re calling Izaemon, a kind of anthropomorphic fox… housewife? Below, you can also check out the three main  heroines.


Arisue Haruka:

A bright and cheery lady who doesn’t tend to worry too much before acting. She can’t really study or cook well, nor does she have much of a sense regarding beauty, but she sure can do sports, and is often invited by other clubs because of that, to which she gladly obliges. She’s also the one behind the mascot costume.




Toutoumi Kanna:


The head of the Local History research club that you’re a part of, she’s a cool and mostly silent person who doesn’t actually have much energy to want to do, well… anything. She’s also rather poor at communicating with others. Hmm… one can see where this is going already. Nonetheless, she does really well in exams.




Miyasu Sayuri:


She’s from the line that once ruled the city they came from, which gives her a bit of a princess-like aura. When it comes to studies and sports, she’s a little on the average side; however, she does have a godly talent for sewing, helping to make the mascot for the club.



Other side characters include Kujyou Shizuka, the head of the student council, as well as Yuuzuki Kayako, an elder sister kind of figure who takes an interest in their mascot Izaemon. Both of these characters can be seen below.


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The game is slated for release April 24th in Japan.


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