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Become A Top Model, Voice Actress, Or Idol In Dream Girl Premier For 3DS



In addition to the Style Savvy games, Japan has several fashion-simulation games on the Nintendo 3DS, such as Girls’ Fashion Shoot by Alchemist. The developers revealed a new title for the genre with Dream Girl Premier for Nintendo 3DS.


Dream Girl Premier is currently in development by Alchemist’s staff that has worked on Girls’ Fashion Shoot and its series called Model Oshare Audition in Japan.


dream-girl_150907-2 dream-girl_150907-8

Dream Girl Premier will be a little different, as you’ll take on the role of a new model with the goal of becoming a top model. You’ll reach your goal bits at a time by doing work for magazines and dramas.


dream-girl_150907-3 dream-girl_150907-4

In addition to becoming a top model, you’ll also get to aim to become a voice actress or idol. Dream Girl Premier boasts about 5,000 total items that will let you work on your own style with hairstyle and makeup.


dream-girl_150907-5 dream-girl_150907-6 dream-girl_150907-7

In addition to the game’s various occupations, there are events that will let you meet boys. From there, you’ll get to further your relationship and will get to work with them or even go out on dates.


The above trailer gives us a glimpse of what appears to be some gameplay footage of some idol work.


Dream Girl Premier will release in Japan in winter 2015 for Nintendo 3DS. It will cost 5,980 yen.

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