Become A Boxing Duck In The Bleak, Crime-Filled World Of Pato Box



Pato Box has players becoming a boxing champion with a duck’s head, using their powerful fists to fight corruption, as well as other fighters, in this mixture of boxing and mystery-solving.


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Patobox, the duck-headed fighter, seeks to find why he’s been betrayed by Deathflock, the company that’s sponsored him through his boxing career. To figure out why, he heads to their headquarters, with the player spending their time searching it for clues, items, and thuggish opponents to lay low with their fists.


Pato Box plays in a similar fashion to Super Punch-Out!!, having players dodge and attack high or low against opponents who possess varied movesets. Players will have to learn how these fighters work through trial and error, eventually finding the holes in their offense and defense to take them down.


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When not fighting, players will be exploring the Deathflock headquarters. There, they’ll look for items, play minigames, solve puzzles, and interact with the people they meet there, steadily working towards getting the answers Patobox seeks.


This black & white, graphic novel style mystery has already passed through Steam Greenlight, but is still seeking funding on Kickstarter. A demo is available on both the Kickstarter and Greenlight pages.

Alistair Wong
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