I can’t believe I didn’t notice this right away, but as Chris Kohler points out the concept art for Midway’s Game Party looks like it has Beer Pong as one of the mini games. Do you see it? Look right underneath “trivia”. Like a lot of people I’m starting to get sick of motion controlled mini game collections, but not having to pull out a table to play Beer Pong could save a lot of clean up. Probably the saddest thing about what is known about Game Party is Beer Pong is the most original thing on this mini game montage.


There’s still hope for Midway though! Crusi’n is coming back as a driving game and that Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends game I mentioned before is indeed in development. You play as Bloo and fight cosmic invaders to rescue Madame Foster. Considering the breadth of the license it’s far from innovative, but if it’s a quality Fosters game I’ll take it.

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