Beginning Princess Debut’s Fairytale

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Once upon a time, in a game called Princess Debut, there was a high school girl named Sabrina who wished she could meet a prince. As she walked home from school with her friend, she expressed this desire. At this point, her and her friend talked about some boys they knew, and concluded that there could be princes all around them. (Note: this guide may contain some storyline spoilers, but will help you get Klaus to be your partner.)

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When Sabrina arrived home, she opened her wardrobe to change. Instead of clothes though, there was a strangely dressed girl and some kind of flying, talking animal. After expressing her alarm at the improbably home invasion, Sabrina learned that this was the Flower Kingdom’s Princess Sabrina from a parallel universe and her assistant/guardian, Kip. The princess, who looked nearly identical to Sabrina, is a terrible dancer who decided to run rather than face her fears and learn to dance for a competition. The two talk and Sabrina agrees to take the princess’ place and compete in the Ball in Saint-Lyon for her.


Before Sabrina leaves, the princess asks her to do one thing. Sabrina must never touch the emerald necklace in the princess’ room. It is her most precious possession. Sabrina agrees.


Sabrina then stepped through the wardrobe with Kip, and was instantly informed that she would be attending a dinner party at the palace, where she would be meeting some princes from other kingdoms. Kip then chose that moment to inform Sabrina of another important task she must fulfill – she must find a princely dance partner as well.


The dinner party was a lavish and well attended affair, with royalty from all over that world attending and feasting. Sabrina was enchanted, especially by the wonderful array of food. Unfortunately, spoilsport Kip immediately directed her towards several prospective prince partners.


The first was a young man named Vince, whom Sabrina instantly recognized as a twin for her classmate back home, Victor. She even accidentally called him “Vince,” which only served to confuse poor Victor and upset Kip. She also met Cesar, a flamboyant and flirtatious prince who was entirely too much. Cesar does all the talking and then rushes off. Kip then tells Sabrina that the real Princess Sabrina couldn’t handle Cesar’s… personality, and refused him as a dance partner before.


It was then that Sabrina felt someone bump into her. A dark haired young man bruskly told her to watch where she was going. She indignantly replied that he was the one who bumped into her! He acknowledged he was wrong, and continued on his way. Kip told her that he was Luciano, a prince known for his horrible sense of direction. Sabrina couldn’t help but compare him to Lucas, her friend who also can’t find his way from point A to point B without taking a sidetrip to point Z.


Kip then points out the final prince there, Klaus. Klaus is always surrounded by fangirls, and Kip tells Sabrina to get close to him and talk to him. Sabrina tries her best, and shoves her way through the crowd (possibly accidentally elbowing a few out of her way). Once she finally reaches Klaus, they exchange names and pleasantries. Sabrina then tries to make her move, and asks him for a date! Unfortunately, the throngs of girls surrounding him are quite loud. Klaus never hears, and two of his leeches shoo Sabrina away. Shortly after, Klaus and his partner Cynthia dance for everyone.


After such an eventful day, Sabrina and Kip return to the princess’ cottage just outside the main castle. The next day, Sabrina awakes and expects to be home, only to find she’s still in the Flower Kingdom! It wasn’t a dream, she has to find a partner, she has no experience as a dancer, the ball’s in 29 days and she’s trapped in the Flower Kingdom until the real princess comes back! Kip drags her off to practice (he’s really quite pushy).


There, Sabrina meets a cute little rabbit in a tuxedo named Tony. Tony’s the instructor for the kingdom, and he can magically transform into a man-sized rabbit for lessons. He teaches her the basics and a waltz.


After some diligent practicing, Kip informs Sabrina that a traveling market is open in Samba Square. The two take off, and arrive in a marketplace filled with shops selling food, clothes and other exquisite items. Before Sabrina can explore, Kip drags her to an accessory shop (for a little thing, he’s quite determined). He then offers to buy her a new accessory, which will allow her to transform into a dance costume. Just one Sabrina decides, an obnoxious princess named Isabel claims that was the one she wanted. Sabrina tries to be nice and offers to pick another one, but Isabel says she doesn’t want her castoffs and storms off. Real nice.


Since the market is alive with people, Sabrina looks around. She runs into Vince, who drags her to Rumba Beach and throws a live eel at her “as a joke”. She also finds Cesar, hitting on a girl and then hitting on her. All she has to do is call him lame to get him to leave – a word the real princess has actually called him as well. She momentarily feels bad for being so blunt, but quickly gets over it and returns home.


Sabrina enters her room and discovers her royal tiara is gone! It must have been dropped at Samba Square! (But really, how do you not notice you’ve lost a metal tiara? Especially when its a royal symbol and you’re carrying it around.) Sabrina and Kip return there and scour the area. They then learn the tiara was “found” by Isabel. Time for a search around the entire kingdom. Luckily, after a stop in Jive Park, Prince Klaus offers his assistance in the manhunt.


The search takes the pair all through the various areas of the kingdom – Rumba Beach, Samba Square, Jive Park, the Practice Hall and Viennese Waltz Lake. After a lot of possibly unnecessary traveling and meetings with princes who basically say “Oh yes! I saw her! She was holding a tiara! She want that-a-way!” and never bother to actually detain Isabel, Klaus and Sabrina find her at the Practice Hall. She relinquishes the accessory and storms off. Klaus then asks why the tiara is so special. Sabrina decides to be funny and tells him it lets you fly. He laughs, wishes her well, then leaves.


The next big event is a preliminary dance competition. Despite not having an official partner, Sabrina attends. She sees Klaus and his partner, Cynthia and compliments them on their dancing at the banquet. She then dances with Tony the dance instructor and proceeds to take first place.


After it is over, Luciano approaches her to talk about her dancing and success. Sabrina decides to try dancing with him, and asks if he will be her partner. Luciano warns her that he is strict, and she says that she wants to be the best. Yay! She’s no longer alone. But will she ever be able to dance with Klaus?


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