Two imports I’ve had my eye on are getting bargain versions next year. First up is 7th Dragon, SEGA’s distinctly oldschool RPG for the Nintendo DS, produced by Phantasy Star designer Rieko Kodama, in collaboration with the director and composer for Etrian Odyssey.


Inside Games report that SEGA’s bargain version will hit retail in Japan on March 11, 2010 for 2,625 yen.


The other game is Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable, which I kind of want but have no intention of buying digitally over PSN at $30 (sorry Capcom, although I really appreciate that you localized it), nor at $52.90 (!!!) on Play-Asia. Instead, I’ll probably just pick up the "Best" version P-A lists for Feb 18, 2010 priced at $34.90.


It’s a fighting game and I finally get to kick Gilgamesh’s ass with Rider — the story bits can always be Youtubed.


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