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Best 15 Demon Slayer Toys For 2024

It’s no surprise that the Demon Slayer series has lots of merchandise available online, given the anime’s massive popularity worldwide. From plushies to even Tamagotchi, here are some of our favorite Demon Slayer toys from 2024.

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13. Kyojuro Rengoku Perching Figure ($17)

Kyojuro Rengoku happily eats rice balls
Image via SEGA

A lot of the figures on this list represent intense fight scenes and character moments from the series, but we wanted to start this feature off with a more lighthearted figure to show the diversity of what’s out there. This Kyojuro Rengoku figure has a sense of joviality and cheer that makes it a great option if you don’t want just another serious or combat figurine.

12. Nezuko Kamado Cheering Figure ($29.90)

Nezuko Kamado looks happy for once
Image via Banpresto

A lot of Nezuko Kamado merchandise can be a little aggressive or sad, but this figure does away with all of that, displaying a moment of joy. She’s also really cute when she’s happy, which is a side of her we don’t often get to see in the anime.

11. Tanjiro Kamado Figure ($45.90)

Tanjiro Kamado mid-fight, launching an attack with his flaming sword.
Image via Bandai Spirits

This action-packed figure shows Tanjiro Kamado mid-fight, launching an attack with his flaming sword. You can feel the raw power coming from it, which makes it a dynamic addition to any collection.

10. Blind Bag Mini Figures ($10.90)

A box of Demon Slayer mystery bags
Image via Takara Tomi Arts

Want to try your luck at some mystery bags? With characters like Nazuko Kamado, Tanjiro Kamado, and Giyuu Tomioka, these chibi figures are so well-designed that you win no matter which one you get.

9. Giyuu Tomioka Plush ($27.90)

An unhappy-looking Giyuu Tomioka Plush
Image via Great Eastern Entertainment

It’s always somewhat comical to see a plushie that takes itself seriously. Though he looks unimpressed, the Giyuu Tomioka plush is very well designed with special attention paid to his sword and clothes.

8. Chibi Figures Six Set ($17.99)

Chibi figures of Demon Slayer characters sit on a table
Image via LepiBat Gems

This collection of six chibi figures depicting the series’ main characters can’t stop looking up at you. Whether it’s with hope, cheer, or awe, these figures are small yet mighty collectibles.

7. Bag Clip Plushies ($8.90)

A series of chibi plushies on bag clips
Image via Takara Tomi Arts

One of the best finds in anime merchandise can often be the little things like these mini bag clip plushies. This series of bag clips show various characters from Demon Slayer in various poses that demonstrates each of their personalities. As far as bag clips go, these are pretty impressive.

6. Nezuko Kamado Laying Plush ($17.59)

Nezuko Kamado Laying Plush
Image via SEGA

One of the cutest Demon Slayer plushies available, the Nezuko Kamado laying plush is designed to fit almost anywhere, whether that’s on a display shelf or on furniture. She is, without a doubt, one of the cutest Demon Slayer plushies available.

5. Muichiro Nanoblocks Figure($16.99)

Muichiro Nanoblocks Figure
Image via Nanoblock

Nanoblock figures always have a certain charm to them that’s hard to ignore. Not only do you get to build the figure yourself, but the wonderful result is something that calls back to the nostalgia of old-school pixel art.

4. Mitsuri Kanroji Figure ($59.90)

The Mitsuri Kanroji figure shows her as she leaps into the air mid-battle, preparing to launch another attack.
Image via Bandai Spirits

This is by far one of the best Demon Slayer figures available online. Full of action and personality, the Mitsuri Kanroji figure shows her as she leaps into the air mid-battle, preparing to launch another attack. The posing is quite unique as far as anime figures go, so it’s definitely one of the most original pieces you can add to your collection.

3. Tamagotchi ($29.99)

A grey and teal Tamagotchi
Image via Tamagotchi

Who would have thought that Demon Slayer Tamagotchis exist? This Demon Slayer and Tamagotchi crossover lets you raise and train a character from Demon Slayer. There are lots of different device colours available and characters for you to raise, suiting any aesthetic.

2. Muichiro Tokito Figure ($89.90)

 Muichiro Tokito leaps out of the mists
Image via Bandai Spirits

This majestic figure has Muichiro Tokito moving stealthily through a cloud of mist, blue and black hair traveling behind. This figure is beautiful and something worth grabbing for your collection, even if you’re a casual Demon Slayer fan.

1. Replica Nichirin Sword ($189.99)

Two katanas on display
Image via Bandai Tamashii Nations

This one-of-a-kind merchandise is a one-to-one replica of Inosuke’s Nichirin sword. It comes in at 37 inches (around one meter) long and it fantastically detailed. It also comes with its own sound effects and dialogue effects, which are straight from the anime.

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