Best Farm Locations for Wuthering Waves Pecock Flower
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Best Farm Locations for Wuthering Waves Pecok Flower

In Wuthering Waves, you will need to find Pecok Flowers if you want to upgrade Encore or Jiyan. This guide will explain the best place to farm the Wuthering Waves Pecok Flower ascension material.

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Wuthering Waves Pecock Flower Menu
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All Wuthering Waves Pecok Flower Locations (Map)

Pecok Flowers can be found in the Central Plains in Wuthering Waves and are only located in the northern section of the game’s map. While the flower is scattered in various areas, there are a few key locations where you can find the material grouped together in clusters.

Here are the best spots to find Pecok Flower:

  • Taoyuan Vile (23 Flowers)
    • (West of Central Plains)
  • Central Plains (5 Flowers)
    • (Take the North exit of Jinzhou City and then head East of Central Plains)
  • Tiderise Cliff (3 Flowers)
    • (Head East of Tiderise Cliff)
  • Misty Coast (5 Flowers)
    • (In the Ocean directly East of Desorock Highland. This area needs to be unlocked)

However, for your convenience, we have also provided a map below that shows every Pecok Flower location in Wuthering Waves:

All Pecock Flower Locations Wuthering Waves Map
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Best Wuthering Waves Pecok Flower Farming Method

The best place to farm Pecok Flowers in Wuthering Waves is Taoyuan Vile, which can be found east of Qichi Village. To quickly find the ascension material, fast travel to the Resonance Beacon, which is north of Taoyuan.

Taoyuan Vile Wuthering Waves
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Once you have warped to the beacon just outside of the town, you will want to travel in a circle around Taoyuan Vile. If you follow this pattern, you can pick up over 23 Pecok Flowers in under a minute. I have provided an image below that shows the best Pecok Flower farming route in Wuthering Waves:

Wuthering Waves Pecock Flower Farming Route
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What is Pecok Flower Used for?

At the time of launch, there are only 4 characters who use Pecok Flower as an ascension material. However, most players looking for the item will likely be trying to upgrade 5-star characters Encore and Jiyan, who each use the flower to reach higher ranks.

Below is a list of every character that uses Pecok Flower in Wuthering Waves:

CharacterRank Ascension Material
JiyanRank 2 (40 to 50) – 4 Pecok Flowers
Rank 3 (50 to 60) – 8 Pecok Flowers
Rank 4 (60 to 70) – 12 Pecok Flowers
EncoreRank 2 (40 to 50) – 4 Pecok Flowers
Rank 3 (50 to 60) – 8 Pecok Flowers
Rank 4 (60 to 70) – 12 Pecok Flowers
Rover (Spectro)Rank 2 (40 to 50) – 4 Pecok Flowers
Rank 3 (50 to 60) – 8 Pecok Flowers
Rank 4 (60 to 70) – 12 Pecok Flowers
Rover (Havoc)Rank 2 (40 to 50) – 4 Pecok Flowers
Rank 3 (50 to 60) – 8 Pecok Flowers
Rank 4 (60 to 70) – 12 Pecok Flowers
Jiyan Ascension Material Page Wuthering Waves
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There is only a total of 40 Pecok Flowers in Wuthering Waves, so you will need to wait a few days before the material will respawn if you picked them all. Thankfully, you only need 24 Pecok Flowers to fully upgrade a single character. So those trying to level up Jiyan and Encore should be able to do so fairly easily.

Wuthering Waves is now available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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