Best FFVII Rebirth Teams to Form When Building a Party
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Best FFVII Rebirth Teams to Consider When Forming a Party

In many cases in FFVII Rebirth, Cloud is a required party member, but you can rearrange the rest of your teams to help them best suit certain situations. You can have multiple party presets, so may as well use them! Here are my suggestions for a few teams you should consider when building up a group.

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Best balanced FFVII Rebirth team for any situation:

I suggest either going with Avalanche or Cloud and the girls in this situation. So, you team should look like:

  • Cloud 
  • Tifa
  • Aerith or Barret

Here’s how this party works. Start by controlling Tifa to build up the enemy’s stagger gauge with her fast (and powerful) hits. Switch to Cloud when the enemy’s guard is broken to deal major damage. Aerith and Barret are there for ranged support and magic. (Yes, Barret can be a good mage! He also gets the Electric Impulse, Fiery Impulse, and Icy Impulse ranged abilities that let him use an elemental magical attack without MP.

Best fast FFVII Rebirth team for quick hits:

Sometimes, you just want to get battles over with as soon as possible. There aren’t an overwhelming number of enemies in the world, but you might want to get things done. Here’s who I suggest having along:

  • Cloud
  • Red XIII or Tifa
  • Yuffie

Cloud is, as usual, there because he has to be. But the other three folks? They’re fast. With Yuffie, Doppleganger is a godsend since she’ll double-up on hits once it is active. Her Art of War ability is also good for a flurry of attacks. Not to mention throwing her Shuriken and attacking from range helps build up stagger. Red XIII is naturally swift, but I have him as an option here for the Supernal Fervor ability that casts Haste on everyone or the Watcher’s Spirit one that increases every ally’s ATB. As for Tifa, well, she’s just also super fast and strong!

Best FFVII Rebirth team for dealing AOE damage to an opposing party

A lot of people have AOE potential in FFVII Rebirth, so there are a lot of party options when building the best teams to hit a lot of enemies. So… you can mix and match! Here are the folks with AOE skills you could use.

  • Cloud
  • Aerith or Cait Sith
  • Red XIII or Yuffie

You’re stuck with Cloud, but that’s not a bad thing this time! His Triple Slash hits up to three enemies. Snow Flurry and Wind Current hit multiple foes too. I also found Prime Mode was good against groups. 

In the case of Red XIII, he’s also got some slashes that will hit multiple enemies. However, I super appreciate him when fighting groups due to his Stardust Ray ability. It hits a lot of enemies and is great for increasing stagger and dealing damage. But also, a lot of his abilities can hit multiple foes, with Wildfire being one of the earlier ones that can. 

However, you may want to swap Yuffie in for him. That’s because Shooting Star and Windstorm are also both exceptional AOE attacks. Not to mention Doppleganger comes in for the save again, due to doubling up her attacks. 

Aerith and Cait Sith are honestly a bit interchangeable here, and I think I might prefer Cait! His Fortune Telling could randomly help with damage. But the really helpful AOE moves here are Cold Front, Heatwave, Moogle Kaboom, and Moogle Magic. There are so many options for elemental and nonelemental attacks. With Aerith, Cold Front, Jet Stream, Rolling Thunder, and Sorcerous Storm are all there to deal elemental magic over an area.

Best FFVII Rebirth party that can take a hit:

There are a few boss fights in FFVII Rebirth that you know are going to hurt going into them, which means the best teams would be able to soak up damage while also dealing a lot of pain out. Though in this case, there’s really one crew that’s best to roll up to that fight.

  • Cloud
  • Barret
  • Cait Sith

Cloud has a lot of counter potential, which is great. Plus, I mean, he has to be there. But both Barret and Cait Sith can take a hit. In the case of Barret, he’s naturally buff. Steelskin increases that and stops interruptions while he’s attacking. He also has Lifesaver that lets him tank by increasing his health and drawing attacks that would hit others. With Cait Sith, you need to use the Let’s Ride ability to summon his Moogle first. Then, Dodge & Dive can be used to evade and counter. You can also equip a weapon ability bonus that increases the Moogle’s defense for a Sentinel sort of ability.

Best FFVII Rebirth party for flying foes:

You will not believe how often you’ll run into fights where there will just be flying enemies. There are a lot! You’ll need to hit them! They won’t swoop down, so it might take a while! Here’s who to bring along to counter that sort of situation.

  • Cloud
  • Barret
  • Yuffie

Okay, Cloud sucks for this. You have to have him along typically, though. Barret and Yuffie are the two ranged folks you need. Plant Barret somewhere, hold down the square button, and don’t let go until everything on the screen is dead. With Yuffie, press the triangle button, keep mashing square until her shuriken comes back, then throw it back out again and repeat until everything is dead. 

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is available on the PS5, with the exclusivity arrangement ending on May 29, 2024.

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