On the left panel, the Caith Sith waves to you. On the right, a girl in black and brown holds a weapon.
Images via Square Enix and CrunchyRoll.

Best Final Fantasy Merchandise For 2024: Our 10 Best Picks

There are tons of Final Fantasy merch available, but some are better than others. You can get anything from action figures to plushies to the jewelry of your favorite characters and settings. Here’s some of our favorite Final Fantasy merchandise you can pick up in 2024.

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10. Final Fantasy XIV Torgal Plush

Image via Square Enix and Amazon

This isn’t just another wolf plush. This Torgal Plush from Amazon is huge at over 100 inches long. Its faux fur coat has deep textures, which give it personality. The Torgal Plush is perfect for displaying and cuddling while gaming.

9. Chocobo Action Figure

CrunchyRoll’s Chocobo action figure has a striking design with a golden brown color gradient on its feathers. Its eyes are full of personality, and it also comes equipped with a little saddle. What’s more is that it can be posed, allowing it to strike a variety of stances to suit your collection and your sense of humor.

8. Starry Night Final Fantasy VII Remake T-Shirt

CCloud from Final Fantasy looks at the city. The artstyle is that of Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh.
Image via Ibigo on RedBubble

Inspired by The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh, this t-shirt reimagines the iconic painting. It depicts Cloud looking up at the city while an object crashes to the ground. The shirt captures the color and the wonder of the original piece and adapts it to the wonderful world of Final Fantasy.

A strange running cactus, also known as a Cactaur
Image via Square Enix

This Cactaur figure has a bright green, shiny finish that gives it a more modern look. And, of course, it’s striking its iconic pose. It’s a little goofy, but it wouldn’t be Cactaur merch if it wasn’t silly!

06. Chocobo Large Cube Plush

A square plush of a yellow bird
Image via Square Enix

The adorable cube-shaped Chocobo comes in three sizes–small, medium, and large–but we think that the large one stands out the most because of how well it works for cuddling and for being displayed in collections. It isn’t just a cube, though. It also has wings, a tail, and a tuft of feathers on its head, giving it more style and personality.

5. Encyclopaedia Eorzea The World of Final Fantasy XIV

Image via CrunchyRoll

CrunchyRoll sells a set of two beautifully decorated Final Fantasy encyclopedias. Both books are hardcover. Inside their covers is all kinds of information about the world of Final Fantasy XIV, perfect for people who want insider information about the games or who are massive fans of the lore.

4. Final Fantasy VII Remake Cait Sith and Fat Moogle Figure

A Cait Siith sits atop a pink Moogle, shouting through a microphone
Image via Entertainment Earth

A nice break from the more serious-faced items on this list, this action figure is here for how fun it is. It features a Cait Sith atop a large Moogle, shouting something into the microphone. It’s a fun and vibrant addition to any collection and a nice comedic break from more serious figures.

3. Final Fantasy VII Remake Yuffie Kisaragi Figure

Yuffie bounds happily towards the camera
Image via Square Enix and CrunchyRoll

Yuffie Kisaragi’s action figure from CrunchyRoll is in it for all kinds of mischievous fun. The figure is highly detailed and able to be posed. She comes with a variety of hands and weapons. You can have her running away, prepared for a fight, or anything in between.

2. Garland Stranger of Paradise Figure

An artion figure of a dark armoured fugure with horns and a huge sword
Image via Square Enix

This figure is similar to the previous entry due to the sheer amount of detail on it. This figure is of Jack Garland, a giant sword clutched in their hand and a black cape blowing in the wind. Ominous and powerful, if you like Final Fantasy figures, this would make a great addition to your collection.

1. Final Fantasy VII Remake Aerith Dress Action Figure

Aerith wears a fancy red ball gown.
Image via Square Enix and Amazon

Our number one pick is Aerith’s red ballgown action figure. She is absolutely stunning with the way her dress and hair move around her, as well as her pose, which captures her personality perfectly. What’s not to love? This is the perfect collectible for fans of Final Fantasy VII Remake or just FF7 in general.

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