Best Hatsune Miku Songs to Listen to on Miku Day

Hatsune Miku Mega Mix Switch

While there are other virtual singers, it would be the twin-tailed, turquoise-haired, virtual diva Hatsune Miku that would take over the world. As the first Vocaloid made by Crypton, she had a lot to live up to. Since her Japanese debut, the creation’s built a fanbase all over the world. While she might not be “real,” Miku became an iconic “singer” with an insane range. Given it’s Hatsune Miku day, now seems to be a good time to go over a selection of songs that are among her best to celebrate the occasion.

“The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku”

“The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku” is one of the most popular titles due to its melodic, speedy tone and dark lyrics. [email protected]’s track has a very sad, but catchy melody. By using Miku as someone fading into obscurity, the song’s message still manages to be relevant. It has become a staple in Project Diva entries, included as one of the most difficult songs. It has also been featured in many rhythm games such as DDR and Sound Voltex.

“Rolling Girl”

The late Wowaka captured the hearts of fans with the song “Rolling Girl.” His ingenious composition and lyrics offer an addicting track, which is also dark and relatable. There are honestly many Hatsune Miku songs from this producer that could be considered among her best, including “Two-Sided Love.”


With three meaning “san” and nine meaning “kyu,” “39” sounds like the English phrase, “thank you.” This song by sasakure.UK and DECO*27 is crafted as a loving tribute to the beloved Vocaloid superstar and while someone could dance to it, it’s also quite sentimental.

“This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee”

“This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee” is a song that is quite catchy. Starting off with a gentle and calm tone, it eventually grows into a sinister jam. It is designed to reflects the feelings of isolation and despair that people experience. Utata-P, the song’s producer, managed to convey two sides of Miku that are both endearing and psychopathic. It’s also quite a doozy in Project Diva, but a fun track nonetheless!


While the song is more focused on the idea of forbidden love, that hasn’t stopped Vocaloid fans from rooting for Miku and Luka Megurine. “Magnet” is a certified banger from the producer Minato.


Hatsune Miku’s “Cendrillion” is a great song because of its catchy melody and captivating vocals from both her and Kaito. The song produced by Signal-P is based on the Cinderella fairy tale and captures the moment of being at the ball with a twist. Fans have enjoyed “Cendrillion” for years and it has become an iconic song in the Vocaloid fandom. The song is so popular that it even has a 10th-anniversary edition!

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