A Hello Kitty themed box and a fluffy Hello Kitty plush.
Images via Sanrio

Best Hello Kitty Merchandise You Can Buy in 2024

Hello Kitty merchandise is recognizable worldwide as the Sanrio mascot has appeared on clothing, bags, plushies, and much more. We’ve broken down the Hello Kitty merchandise we could find by price range: below $50, below $100, and $500.

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Best Hello Kitty Merchandise Under $50

A Hello Kitty purse, a fluffy Hello Kitty plush, and a glass water bottle with Hello Kitty stickers on it.
Images via Sanrio and Hot Topic

Most of the Hello Kitty merch basics come in under $50. Even though they’re in the cheaper price range, you can get a lot of the classic plushies and bags that you’d normally expect from Hello Kitty. There are even some unique items that you can get, such as the Hello Kitty Tamagotchi.

Best Hello Kitty Merchandise Under $100

A music note shaped instrumed coloured like Hello Kitty, a pair of jeans with Sanrio characters floating on balloons, and a Hello Kitty plush wearing a pink dress with a lollypop in her hand.
Images via Sanrio, Hot Topic, and Blippo

If your budget lets you go above $50, the world of Hello Kitty merch opens a little bit more. Merchandise in this category gets a little more specialized and, dare we say, a little goofier. Here, you’ll find very specific clothing styles (like the cargo pants, which give you a bit of edge) as well as some things that you wouldn’t ever think you could find, like the Hello Kitty otamatone.

Best Hello Kitty Merchandise Under $500

A pink Hello Kitty chair, a pink Hellow Kitty Polaroid camera, and a gold charm bracelet.
Images via Amazon and Sanrio

Most of the really expensive Hello Kitty merchandise tends to be luggage and bags, but you’ll be able to find furniture and jewelry, too. If you do some digging, you might be able to find some really crazy stuff that you didn’t even know you could buy online. Even the more mundane items look pretty high quality, though, and could be worth the purchase if you have the budget.

And, of course, if you really want to break the bank, there is even some rare Hello Kitty merchandise that is sold at over $500. However, these are the overall best Hello Kitty items you can pick up in 2024.

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