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Best Hololive Merchandise for 2024

From Gawr Gura to Himemori Luna, merchandise based on hololive Vtubers can be known for its cute and intricate designs. With all the great items out there, it can be hard to pick and choose what you should get and what you should pass on. We’ve compiled a list of pieces of the best hololive merchandise you can pick up in 2024.

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Takanashi Kiara holds a sword and shield. The outlines of her design are red
Image via COVER Corp

Kiara Takanashi Otaku Lamp

Have you ever looked at acrylic stands and wished that they lit up? Otaku Lamp has you covered with a lamp based on Kiara Takanashi. The lamp comes in 16 colors with a variety of different light modes. The collectible is also easy to use, as it can be plugged in or powered by batteries.

Himemori Luna's Nendoroid, wearing a pink dress, has her arms splayed out
Image via Good Smile Company

Himemori Luna Nendoroid

The official Himemori Luna Nendoroid is as cute as she is fashionable. She comes with a variety of cute face plates and musical instrument props. Her dress is also adorable and has fantastic attention to detail. Plus, she has a Lu-knight with her.

La_ Darkness looks at you coyly with her sleeves dangling off her wrists
Image via Good Smile Company

La+ Darkness Figure

La+ Darkness’ figure from Good Smile Company is equally intimidating and mesmerizing. From her long hair to her thick black shackles, it’s clear that a lot of love went into creating this figure. If you’re feeling a little spooky (or maybe even a little evil), this figure will make a fantastic addition to your collection.

A card box with three anime girls on the packaging
Image via Bushiroad

Hololive Summer Edition Playing Cards Collection Box

One box comes with six packs of collectible Weiss Schwarz hololive summer edition trading cards. Each card depicts a summer version of some of hololive’s most popular creators, making them a unique collector’s item.

Sakamata Chloe's Nendoroid with her hood up
Image via Good Smile Company

Sakamata Chloe Nendoroid

Sakamata Chloe’s Nendoroid is a little bit unique because of how customizable it is. Not only does she come with the usual expressive face plates, but she also comes with extra hair and mask parts, all of which make all her possible part combinations completely unique and true to the Vtuber’s actual appearances.

Huoshu Marine poses with her clothes flowing in the wind and an anchor spiraling behind her
Image via Max Factory

Houshu Marine Figure

By far the most detailed figure on this list, Houshou Marine’s figurine from Max Factory puts the iconic VTuber front and center in any display. With layers of meticulously designed clothes blowing in the wind and the giant anchor motif, its design calls back to video game character splash art.

Amane Kanata holds her arms out. Her wings are splayed out, ribbons flow behind her, and she is surrounded by stars
Image via Aniplex

Amane Kanata Figure

We’re ending the list with one of the best-designed hololive figures we’ve ever seen: Amane Kanata’s figurine from Crunchyroll. It features a colorful Amane Kanata complete with intricate details and lots of feather and star motifs. The design is absolutely breathtaking. Even if you’re a casual fan of Hololive or Amane Kanata, this figure is a must-have for your collection.

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