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Best Honkai: Star Rail Firefly Teams Put Her With Trailblazer

Firefly is a 5-star Fire Destruction character in Honkai: Star Rail who specializes on teams that can boost her Break Effect. She works very well with the Harmony Trailblazer, who is not only available in the story, but whose Eidolon materials are free in the game.

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Two characters you’ll often see on Firefly teams in Honkai: Star Rail are Harmony Trailblazer and Gallagher. They’re two of the best supports for her for similar reasons. Gallagher’s Tipsy Tussle Talent makes Besotted targets receive more Break DMG. Meanwhile, Harmony Trailblazer can grant the Backup Dancer buff with his Ultimate. Characters with Backup Dancer have higher Break Effect and they can deal Super Break DMG when they attack an enemy target.

Something you want to keep in mind about Super Break is that any Skill or Light Cone that increases DMG does not add onto the damage from Super Break. It doesn’t scale off ATK %, Crit DMG %, or DMG %. So, for example, Robin’s Tonal Resonance (increase Crit DMG %) and Pinion’s Aria (increase DMG dealt) do not do anything to increase the Super Break DMG that Firefly or other characters might deal. When putting a team together for Firefly, you’ll want characters who can increase Break Effect or debuff the enemies to actually increase her damage.

star rail firefly teams
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Here are the Best Teams For Firefly in Honkai: Star Rail

  • Firefly | Harmony Trailblazer | Ruan Mei | Gallagher
    This is a Break Effect-focused hyper carry team in which Ruan Mei and Harmony Trailblazer are the supports for Firefly. Gallagher is the best sustain due to him also scaling off Break Effect, as well as his Besotted state making targets receive more Break DMG. Super Break is insanely powerful so long as Harmony Trailblazer can keep up their Ultimate.
  • Firefly | Harmony Trailblazer | Pela | Gallagher
    Though this is very similar to the first team, this is more F2P-friendly, as Firefly is the only premium unit. Most players should have at least one copy of Pela and Gallagher at this point. Gallagher’s Besotted state, again, works really well with Firefly but you can replace him with another sustain if you didn’t build him.
  • Firefly | Tingyun | Harmony Trailblazer | Aventurine
    This team has Harmony Trailblazer and Tingyun as the supports for Firefly. Tingyun provides Energy for Firefly so she can get her Ultimate back faster while Harmony Trailblazer is there for Super Break. There’s no reason to use Aventurine over Gallagher in this team. However, he’s an option you can consider for your sustain because of how SP-friendly he is, especially if you have his E1.
  • Firefly | Himeko | Asta | Gallagher
    This is a mono Fire team that relies on Firefly’s ability to plant Fire weakness with her Technique and such rather than relying on Silver Wolf. Himeko’s follow-up attack should be useful as a sub-DPS, since you don’t necessarily have to use her Skill. If you want to, you can replace Asta with Ruan Mei or Harmony Trailblazer for that extra Break Effect.
  • Firefly | Harmony Trailblazer | Hanya | Luocha
    This is yet another dual Harmony team in which Hanya is the other support for Firefly. Hanya can support with SP using her Skill. Meanwhile, her Ultimate can boost Firefly’s ATK and SPD. This is a hyper carry team so you don’t have to worry about which character Hanya uses her Ultimate on. Sparkle can provide something similar with her Ultimate when it comes to SP, but she’s so geared towards Crit DMG that it’s a bit of waste if another team needs her more. Luocha is, like Aventurine, an SP-friendly option for a sustain if you’re tired of using Gallagher.

Honkai: Star Rail is readily available on the PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices. You can only pull for Firefly when the “Firefull Flyshine” banner is live.

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