A Nendoroid of Mako leaps into the air to excitedly tackle an annoyed-looking Ryuko.
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Best Kill la Kill Merchandise and Figures

Kill la Kill merchandise isn’t always the easiest merchandise to find, compared to anime like Spy x Family or One Piece, given the age of the series. But there are still all kinds of great pieces of merchandise out there, especially given its 10th anniversary is here. Whether you’re looking for something cool and intense or cute and simple, there’s something out there for every fan.

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Kill la Kill Complete Box Blu-ray

A good place to honestly start is… the Kill la Kill Complete Box Blu-ray. It costs $199.98 for the bundle. That gets you the full anime, the digest, textless opening and endings, and a pamphlet.

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Kill la Kill 10th Anniversary Acrylic Stands

As part of Kill la Kill‘s tenth anniversary, AmiAmi is selling limited edition acrylic stands for about $11 each. These feature heroines Ryuko, Mako, and Satsuki in formal wear, looking cool and stylish. You can get Ryuko, Mako, and Satsuki standing on their own. However, there are also two options that feature one with Ryuko paired with Mako, and another with her paired with Satsuki.

Nui’s Purple Scissor Blade

Some major characters in Kill la Kill use Scissor Blades to attack. Turns out, you can buy one of them! Movic made a Katatachi Basami Paperknife based on Nui’s weapon. It’s quite hard to find now, though Amazon still has a listing for it. It originally sold for around $24 (2,484 yen), but it will probably cost you more than that to get this discontinued rarity. 

Mako yells, holding her eyes open with her fingers
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Mako Mankanshoku Pop Up Parade Figure

Most Kill la Kill figures out there are of Ryuko, and while she definitely deserves it, we also want to showcase some figures of the other characters, especially ones as fun as the $39.99 Pop Up Parade Mako figure. It’s goofy, yet it perfectly showcases personality. If you’re looking for some Kill la Kill merchandise that’s more on the fun side, this Mako figure is a must-buy.

A Ryuko chibi figure with a cute smile.
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Ryuko Matoi Hello! Good Smile Figure

Most Kill la Kill merchandise tends to depict the more dramatic moments from the series, but this $16.99 Hello! Good Smile figure of Ryuko captures her lighter side. If you prefer cuter merchandise, or you want something that shows Ryuko’s softer side, this Nendoroid is a fantastic choice.

A tuque of Gattsu the pug
Image via GE Animation

Gattsu Fleece Cap

Gattsu the dog might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think if Kill la Kill, but you can’t deny that he makes for an adorable hat. If you’re looking for something to express you interests in the colder months, his $21.95 adorable fleece cap is a nice little addition to any fan’s winter wear.

A snoring Mako Nenoroid complete with a lil bubble above her nose and drool coming from her mouth
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Mako Nendoroid

There’s no way we would make a list of the best merchandise for Kill la Kill without mentioning a few Nendoroids. This $39.99 (Amazon) Mako Nendoroid is one of our favorites because of her amazing variety of poses and face plates due to her stretchy arms. She can snore, leap excitedly into the air (presumably to tackle Ryuko), and even appear beaten up.

Image via Good Smile Company

Ryuko Matoi Figure

Closing our list is a classic Pop Up Parade figure of Ryuko Matoi. She’s $57.99, due to being larger than usual. She looks ready to fight anyone that gets in her way.

Kill la Kill is now readily available on streaming services such as Crunchyroll.

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