League of Legends Skin Lines Enhance Its Characters

League of Legends Skin line characters
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Since its inception, League of Legends has always been about its characters. Whether that be through their kit design and what they can bring to the table regarding gameplay or what a character could contribute to world of Runeterra at large. However, Riot Games effectively succeeded at not only making League of Legends characters interesting through their unique designs, but also through individual skin lines. These skin lines are sometimes purely for aesthetic, but are also tied to totally unrelated alternate universe storylines, and have an incredible amount of production put into them. These four especially are among the best skin lines in League of Legends.


League of Legends Skin Lines Bilgewater

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Bilgewater is an already existing place in League of Legends, but this skin line reimagines characters from other countries as if they were part of this lawless, pirate inspired nation. For example, one of the Bilgewater skins reimagines the Grand General of Noxus, Jericho Swain, as a former leader of the expansionist empire now turned pirate. Not only is the skin gorgeous, and changes his raven into a parrot, but provides some flavor text as to why he decided to abandon his former ambitions. Other Noxian champions like Katarina also have a Bilgewater skin, which gives her more of a “pirate” flair. Additionally, other characters like Garen, Quinn, and Aatrox were given skins also applicable to this particular line. Skins in this skin line include:

  • Bilgewater Swain
  • High Command Katarina
  • Rogue Admiral Garen
  • Sea Hunter Aatrox
  • Corsair Quinn
  • Ironside Malphite
  • Cutthroat Graves
  • Cutpurse Twisted Fate

Warring Kingdoms

Warring Kingdoms Skin Line League of Legends

Image via Riot Games

Another alternate universe skin line, this reimagines prominent League of Legends characters as though they were part of the Chinese epic Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Some of these skins first appeared in 2014, but Riot has gone on to expand the skin line itself, including Azir and Nidalee into the mix. While it isn’t their only East Asian inspired skin line, Warring Kingdoms has a lot of fun skin descriptions that make this setting something interesting Riot could potentially explore in extra materials. Skins in this skin line include:

  • Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV
  • Warring Kingdoms Azir
  • Warring Kingdoms Nidalee
  • Warring Kingdoms Vi
  • Warring Kingdoms Garen
  • Warring Kingdoms Katarina
  • Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere
  • Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao
  • Dragonblade Talon
  • Dragonblade Riven


League of Legends Skin Lines Pentakill

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games’ first foray into original music, the Pentakill skins have some amazing production in terms of unique recall animations and music. The skins also have some great design tributes to iconic metal bands and icons. Because of this, and because Riot continues to release more skins for their in-universe metal band, the Pentakill skin line deserves a spot on this list.

  • Pentakill Karthus (Lost Chapter)
  • Pentakill Kayle (Lost Chapter)
  • Pentakill Mordekaiser (Lost Chapter)
  • Pentakill Olaf (Lost Chapter)
  • Pentakill Sona (Lost Chapter)
  • Pentakill Yorick (Lost Chapter)
  • Dissonance of Pentakill Viego


inkshadow League of Legends Skin line characters

Image via Riot Games

One of the more recent skin lines, the Inkshadow series released alongside MSI 2023. This skin line features sume-i effects, each associated with an individual color applied to each champion as part of the skin line. But what is most impressive about this line in particular, is how great Volibear, Aurelion Sol and Udyr look. These champions are often overlooked, and while Volibear does have a decent amount of skins, the three of them look great. Yone, Yasuo, Master Yi, and Kai’sa also look great, but that’s a given.  Skins in this skin line include:

  • Inkshadow Yasuo
  • Inkshadow Yone
  • Inkshadow Kai’sa
  • Inkshadow Aurelion Sol
  • Inkshadow Master Yi
  • Inkshadow Volibear
  • Inkshadow Udyr

League of Legends is available for PC. League of Legends: Wild Rift is available on Android and iOS devices.

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