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Best Pokemon Catching Moves in Scarlet and Violet

Best Pokemon Catching Moves in Scarlet and Violet

Getting 400 Pokemon in your Pokedex in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is an attractive notion. (Who wouldn’t want a Shiny Charm that helps with catching Shiny Pokemon?) However, it also can mean a lot of work. It probably will be someone’s post-game endeavor. When you do get to work on it, your current party and favorites might all be near level 70. That isn’t always great if you’ll be doubling back to go after weaker characters missing from your collection. However, the best Pokemon catching options in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet come down to three helpful moves: False Swipe, Super Fang, and Thunder Wave.

How Do You Get False Swipe to Help with Pokemon Catching in Scarlet and Violet

Good news! If you catch 30 different species of Pokemon and then go to Naranja or Uva Academy to take a Biology class, you can then go to Jacq after to get TM 57: False Swipe. The reason this attack is so good is because while it will damage the opponent, it will leave them with at least 1 HP. You’re guaranteed not to make it faint when you use this attack. To craft it, you will need 3 Chewtle Claws, 3 Kricketot Shells, and 400 League Points.

Pokemon with “claws” tend to be able to learn it via TM, like Meowth, Persian, Sneasel, Weavile, Pawniard, Bisharp, and Kingambit. Pokemon like Scyther and Zangoose will also learn it naturally as part of their moveset. I’d suggest getting a Jolteon and teaching it this move, as it can also learn Thunder Wave, another helpful ability when coming up with the best sorts of Pokemon catching moves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How Do You Get Super Fang to Help with Pokemon Catching in Scarlet and Violet

Another skill I’ve found handy when catching Pokemon is Super Fang. This is one that can only be picked up by learning or breeding. It consistently cuts a Pokemon’s HP in half each time it is used. I like it a lot for when I might be facing a Pokemon that could use a move with recoil that hurts itself or might confuse itself with certain attacks. It leaves a little more leeway than striking an opponent down to 1 HP.

A number of Pokemon that can also learn Thunder Wave, which is a great catching move, also pick up this attack naturally. Dedenne and Pachirisu both come to mind.

How Do You Get Thunder Wave to Help with Pokemon Catching in Scarlet and Violet

You can get Thunder Wave not long after setting out on your journey. At some Pokemon Centers, you might see a man with a yellow dialogue bubble over his head. He is a Pokemon League representative and will give you a reward for battling a certain number of trainers in that area. So at the Pokemon Center outside of Mesagoza, he’ll give you TM 82: Thunder Wave if you beat four trainers. It is ideal for Pokemon catching in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It paralyzes a target without dealing damage, making it easier to catch an opponent. To craft it, you will need 3 Mareep Wool, 3 Pawmi Fur, and 400 League Points.

Dedenne is a good candidate for it, as it could then learn the move via TM and also learn the aforementioned Super Fang by leveling up. Most other electric types can also learn it. Not to mention Jolteon, Mareep, Pachirisu, Pawmi, Pikachu, and Shinx can learn this move naturally.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available for the Nintendo Switch.

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