Luxray figure
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15 Best Pokemon Funko Pops to Catch In 2024

Though Funko Pops are known best for depicting human characters from TV and film, they actually offer a lot of characters (both human and non-human) from video games—Pokemon included. Here are 15 of our favorite Pokemon Funko Pops, from Kanto to Sinnoh, all the way to Paldea.

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15. Dragonite

Dagonite Funko Pop
Image via Entertainment Earth

Funko’s Gen 1 Pokemon figure perfectly captures Dragonite’s dual fierceness and cuteness. With this Funko Pop, you’ll be able to unleash the strength that rivals even Lance’s Dragonites.

14. Horsea

Horsea figure
Image via Entertainment Earth

Horsea isn’t exactly what first comes to mind when you think of Water Types, which makes this adorable Horsea Funko Pop an underrated gem. Cute and a little comical, don’t get between this Horsea and its Bubblebeam.

13. Bulbasaur

Good old Pokemon number one! As one of the Kanto Starters who started it all, Funko’s Bulbasaur is an excellent companion for your collection, whether you live in the grassy countryside or a bustling urban area.

12. Meowth

Meowth figure
Image via Entertainment Earth

Team Rocket’s iconic Meowth Funko Pop captures all the wit and charm of the original character. Surely, this cat is up to no good.

11. Wooloo

Wooloo figure
Image via BoxLunch

Though it’s a newer Pokemon, Wooloo became an automatic classic due to its cuteness. The Wooloo Funko Pop doesn’t disappoint, being as adorable as if you had the real thing.

10. Umbreon

Umbreon figure
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As the Dark-type of the iconic Eeveelutions, Umbreon’s got lots of edge and coolness to spare. The Umbreon Funko Pop looks great in every collection, so you can place it wherever in your collection, night or day.

9. Lapras

Lapras figure
Image via Entertainment Earth

You’ll be happy to know that Lapras, one of the franchise’s most popular Pokemon, is no longer endangered, and you can now welcome the Funko Pop into your home.

8. Mewtwo

Mewtwo figure
Image via Hot Topic

Funko Pop’s Mewtwo figure looks like it has just emerged from the test tube and is ready to set fire to your lab—er, home. This figure really accentuates their alien features, making them look even more outer-worldly.

7. Scorbunny

Scorbunny figure
Image via Hot Topic

Galar’s Fire-type starter is already one of the most popular modern Pokemon designs to come out of the Gen 8 era. Scorbunny’s Funko Pop is a good example of why the Galar Starter is so beloved, as the figurine captures the Pokemon’s confident and scorching personality.

6. Glaceon

Glaceon figure
Image via Hot Topic

Glaceon’s Funko Pop is gorgeous, holding all the regality and mystery of a winter forest. Glaceon is the highest-ranked Eeveelution on this list because it takes what makes all the others great and adapts it to Glaceon perfectly.

5. Luxray

Luxray figure
Image via BoxLunch

Edgy and cool, Luxray strikes an intimidating presence. If you’re unafraid of its glare following you from around the room, the Luxray Funko Pop is one you absolutely must pick up for your Pokemon collection.

4. Piplup

Piplup figure
Image via Amazon

Who can resist the face of Sinnoh’s cutest starter Pokemon? Whether you’re headed to the Elite Four or to Pokemon Battle contests, things are always better with this adorable penguin by your side.

3. Charizard

Charizard figure
Image via Amazon

It’s no surprise that the most popular starter Pokemon has made it this far on the list. If you understandably love this Pokemon, there’s very little we could say that you don’t already know: it’s cool, fierce, and powerful. What’s not to love?

2. Lucario

Lucario figure
Image via Entertainment Earth

There’s something special about this Lucario Funko Pop. Somehow, it captures all the majesty and tact present in the Pokemon’s original design. It’s no wonder why this Funko Pop is so popular.

1. Greninja

Greninja figure
Image via Amazon

Despite Pokemon X and Y not receiving positive reviews when they launched, no one can deny how iconic Greninja is. It’s possibly the coolest starter Pokemon of them all. The Greninja Funko Pop shows off everything there is to love about this Kalos Starter, including his iconic tongue scarf and stealth attack pose.

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