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Best Skills in Starfield

Starfield features an unbelievable amount of skills for you to rank up and use. Many of these unlock crucial features, such as the ability to pick locks, pickpocket foes, and even pilot rarer ships. Your skill points are heavily limited, with only one per level up, so you’ll want to focus on the best skills for your needs in Starfield. And with so many, it can be difficult to tell what to go with.

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Best Starfield skills to consider.

For the purpose of this exercise looking into the possible best options, I focused on the initial skills you have available in Starfield under the five categories. You can choose from Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Tech. These are the ones you should unlock as soon as possible in your Starfield playthrough.


This skill increases how far you can grav jump in the game. This lets you reach further systems more easily while later ranks reduce the fuel you use to travel through the cosmos.

Boost Pack Training

This is the only way to unlock the booster packs, which are like jet packs, in this game. With this skill, you can equip them and start floating around planets and in combat, which is super useful for movement.


This skill gives you more money for the items you sell and costs you less for the items you buy with each rank. Selling items you find in the galaxy is one of the easiest and best ways to make money, so get this as early as you can.


With this skill, you can occasionally persuade NPCs to do what you want. You can avoid paying credits in some cases or even skip over entire fights.


This skill initially makes your ship more viable by improving turns and the like. But the most important part about this skill is allowing you to pilot B and C-class ships.


This is the only way to learn how to pick locks and later ranks unlock the ability to handle more advanced locks.


Anyone can use stealth in this game but this skill is the only way to unlock the stealth meter and sneak attacks.


This skill involves scanning plants, creatures, and resources on planets. It increases your range and makes scanning a lot easier.


With this skill, you unlock the ability to pickpocket NPCs. This is helpful for earning credits, keys, and even quest items.


This skill deals with your overall health and increasing it keeps you alive for longer in fights.

Starfield is available for Xbox Series X and PC.

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