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How to Build an Effective Party of Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Characters

How to Build an Effective Party of Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Characters Final Fantasy

Okay, so, when you head into a stage in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, you’re doing so with a party of four characters who are very likely from Final Fantasy games and spin-offs. As there are RPG elements, given you’re facing monsters in both the Battle Music Stages and Field Music Stages, you might wonder if there are some people who are better than others. While there are some folks who will be somewhat stronger or perhaps more useful in certain situations, as you’ll happen upon stages with enemies that have certain weaknesses or a challenge that might call upon a certain sort of magic, there are really no “best” characters in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line. Rather, it can come down more to a good party composition and going with people you personally like best instead. Because even if they aren’t learning a skill like Meteor, staying loyal to someone you like can make them great.

As this is RPG-like in some ways, health is an issue. Missing notes lowers the party’s HP, which in turn can cause you to fail a song if you “fall” in battle. You also might happen upon stronger than usual foes or come across a challenge that involves beating a boss, which means a supporter who can debuff enemies or apply buffs to allies helps. Which means picking out a strong party is a must.

How to Build an Effective Party of Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Characters Final Fantasy

What are Some Good Final Fantasy Character Party Compositions for Theatrhythm Final Bar Line?

Well, if you are just beginning the game and everyone is at level one, I’d say a balanced one is for the best! Make sure you have a healer on hand. Aerith (FFVII) is a good one. So are Ignis (FFXV) and Y’shtola (FFXIV). There are actually two versions of Y’shtola unlocked when you open up the FFXIV path. Both learn healing skills, but the second option is a “Magic Type” that both learns wind magic and cure spells. That can be helpful if you’re confident enough in your skills that you think you’ll rarely miss and want another damage dealer around. Going with a Defense Type character such as Gladio (FFXV) is a good idea! If you pick someone like Snow (FFXIII), he learns basic defensive spells like Shell and Protect almost right away, as well as the healing Regen. After that, round out your group with a Physical Type and Magic Type character to cover any possible weaknesses. There are a ton of good ones, so any characters you particularly like will do.

Once you’re further along in the game, doing things like gathering CollectaCards or Summonstones, you might want to build a party around getting extra items. Having two Hunter Types on board could assist with that. These tend to be characters who end up getting skills that can steal or maybe make drops easier. Rikku (FFX-2) is good for CollectaCards, and both Paine (FFX-2) and Yuffie (FFVII) work for Summonstones. Choosing Locke (FFVI) can help with items after he levels up a bit. I’d also recommend Noctis (FFXV) for a crew geared toward getting stuff, as he eventually learns the very helpful skill Mug while also being a strong damage dealer.

If you’re looking to complete challenges, then a team that is geared toward wiping out foes could be a good idea. I found the Magic Type Krile (FFV) helpful, due to her strong magic and ability to buff and debuff enemies. The same goes for Aranea (FFXV), whose entire existence revolves around dealing damage as a Physical Type and inflicting Dark and Silence on foes. Terra (FFVI) can be quite helpful, as she learns an array of different elemental spells and can eventually dualcast them when she’s at a high enough level. I’d also suggest rounding out that crew with someone like the FFX-2 version of Yuna, as she’ll be able to deal damage and apply things like buffs.

How to Build an Effective Party of Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Characters Final Fantasy

How Can Increasing Star Levels Make Any Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Character the Best?

Okay. Here’s something cool about Theatrhythm Final Bar Line. Getting a someone to level 99 isn’t that difficult. If you keep them in your party for around three Final Fantasy series in Series Quests, you might get near maxing them out. They’ll also continue learning new skills as you do. For example, by the time I had Sephiroth at level 99, he knew the Silence Attack, Silence Buster, Fire Blade, Ultima Blade, Fire, Fira, Thunder, Meteor, Berserk, and Hell’s Gate abilities.

After hitting level 99, a character hits the level cap, but they can still see their star level increase. You won’t see more skills from what I’ve seen, but getting up to star level 9 means their stats continually increase until you hit that cap. So with Sephiroth, a character whose highest stat will always be strength and second highest will be agility, it means you’ll continue to see those pass the B and C “grades” to make him an even better Physical Type.

This holds true for any character you like, meaning anyone you use consistently and find works for you can be an absolute rock star.

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is available for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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