Best Vampire Survivors Operation Guns Characters and Weapons

The Operation Guns DLC for Vampire Survivors introduces a host of new characters and weapons mostly referencing Contra and Konami games and films from that era. With any new Vampire Survivors expansion the same question comes with it: what are the best characters and weapons in Operation Guns?

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While the characters and weapons are fun, many of them are overshadowed by other Vampire Survivors DLC additions. However, a few standout characters and fully evolved weapons make this expansion worth exploring. Plus, it’s just fun as hell to live like you’re in a 1980s movie for a while.

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns

How to Unlock Newt in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns
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The standout characters in Operation Guns are noteworthy for their unique passive abilities, which can be incredibly valuable if utilized correctly. Here are the top three characters to look out for:

  • Sheena Etranzi: Sheena’s passive ability reduces cooldowns based on her move speed. This means the more you buff her speed, the quicker her abilities recharge. This makes her a versatile choice for players who enjoy a fast-paced playstyle.
  • Stanley Ironside: Stanley’s ability increases his armor based on his might, providing a unique combination of offense and defense. This makes him a durable and resourceful character, ideal for players who want to balance strength and survivability.
  • Newt Plissken: Newt’s passive ability increases his might based on projectile speed. This synergy between speed and power makes Newt a formidable character, especially when equipped with fast-firing weapons. Plus he gets bonus points for the Escape from New York reference.

Standout Weapons in Operation Guns

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In addition to standout characters, the “Operation Guns” DLC also features a few fully evolved weapons that are worth seeking out:

  • Pronto Beam: This weapon fires piercing beams of energy that can cut through enemies with ease.
  • Fire-L3GS: A powerful weapon that unleashes devastating flames, the Fire-L3GS is perfect for players who want to inflict continuous damage over a wide area.
  • BFC2000-AD: A massive area-of-effect powerhouse. The BFC2000-AD is ideal for clearing large groups of enemies.

While Vampire Survivors Operation Guns may have not have completely broken weapons or characters at first glance, the standout characters and fully evolved weapons offer plenty to play around with. Exploring these options can be fun and are what make the DLC worthwhile.

Vampire Survivors and Operation Guns are available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and mobile.

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