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Best Waterfall Soup Ramen Choices in Zenless Zone Zero

Sixth Street in Zenless Zone Zero provides a ton of stores you can use to make life in the Hollow easier, with the Waterfall Soup ramen bar being the one that most Agents will use the most. By ordering ramen from General Chop before going into battle, you can enjoy a myriad of benefits and buffs for 5000 Dennies at the most.

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Where is Waterfall Soup?

You can find Waterfall Soup right between Random Play and Coff Coffee. If you leave from the front of Random Play, you’ll see it right in front of you. You can also teleport directly to it via the New Eridu map.

Here is a list of all ramen dishes and effects from Waterfall Soup in Zenless Zone Zero (in order they appear in-game):

  • Vegetable Noodles (1800 Dennies)
    ATK +30
  • Pumpkin Soup Noodles (2500 Dennies)
    HP +15%, Physical DMG +15%
  • Fried BBQ Noodles (2500 Dennies)
    HP +15%, Ether DMG +15%
  • Red Chilli Meat Noodles (2500 Dennies)
    HP +15%, Fire DMG +15%
  • Green Pepper Meat Noodles (2500 Dennies)
    HP +15%, Electric DMG +15%
  • Seafood Noodles (2500 Dennies)
    HP +15%, Ice DMG +15%
  • Mushroom Noodles (5000 Dennies)
    Physical DMG +30%
  • Smoked BBQ Noodles (5000 Dennies)
    Ether DMG +30%
  • Red Chilli Chicken Noodles (5000 Dennies)
    Fire DMG +30%
  • Green Pepper Chicken Noodles (5000 Dennies)
    Electric DMG +30%
  • Fresh Iced Noodles (5000 Dennies)
    Ice DMG +30%
  • Cold Noodles (5000 Dennies)
    HP +30%
  • Bone Broth Noodles (5000 Dennies)
    DMG against Boss enemies +30%

Which ramen dishes are the best ones?

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The best ramen dishes in Zenless Zone Zero are the ones that cost 5000 Dennies, as they give you the most bonuses. You can access them after you reach Inter-Knot Level 30. However, which one you choose really depends on what you plan on doing, as well as who’s in your party.

For example, if you’re using a party consisting of Nekomata, Nicole, and Anby, you’re going to want to eat Mushroom Noodles rather than Green Pepper Chicken Noodles or Smoked BBQ Noodles since Nekomata’s Physical DMG output is more important than her supports. If you’re having trouble staying alive or defeating enemies in timed content, then Cold Noodles or Bone Broth Noodles might work better.

Since each bowl of ramen gives you a buff for three battles and you can’t eat another bowl during the meantime, you’ll want to make sure you know who you’re bringing where before you order from General Chop.

Zenless Zone Zero is readily available on the PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices.

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