Best Winter 2023 Anime Shows to Consider Watching

Best Winter 2023 Anime Shows to Consider Watching

We’re right in the midst of the Winter 2023 anime series, and there are some fantastic shows to watch. Old ones keep running, like My Hero Academia and One Piece. New ones pop up. But which new Winter 2023 anime shows do you consider the best? What ones are you telling people, “You need to watch this?” Let’s go through some selections together.

I was really looking forward to the Winter 2023 line-up, because it had so many good and interesting shows. First of all, before I reveal my favorite from the season, I would like to give a shout-out to Buddy Daddies, Trigun Stampede, and Play it Cool, Guys. They’re all really fun shows (please watch Play It Cool, Guys, oh my goodness) but the most fun I have is when I watch Blue Lock.

Yeah, it infuriates me at times, but I love everything from the animation to the music to the characters. They’re all really funny, and it’s such a fun and ridiculous premise that it’s super easy to binge. The pacing of the show is good, too, so it never feels like you’re watching a single game for weeks on end (like Haikyu or Kuroko’s Basketball). I highly recommend watching Blue Lock with a friend because I felt like I was about to explode when I watched it alone. — Stephanie

I’m still in the process of clearing my Fall season backlog, but Trigun Stampede is my highlight of the season so far. For as much affection as I have for the original show, Orange’s production feels like a genuinely fresh take on the character, filled with some of the best you could ask for when it comes to the polarizing subject of CG anime.

Buddy Daddies has also been a treat. Sure, it’s basically Spy x Family, but I do support the prospect of every demographic eventually getting their own version of Spy x Family. — Josh

I mean, of course I also have to say, “Watch Trigun Stampede.” It is stunning and so much fun. Especially now that Wolfwood is around. I keep meaning to watch A Herbivorous Dragon of 5,000 Years Gets Unfairly Villainized too. But I’m really enjoying The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague. I’ve been hoping for a fun shoujo/josei series to follow after only being so-so on I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss, and this fits the bill. The magical realism element is quite fun, especially with the way Himuro’s special abilities influence the world around him. It can sometimes feel like a slice-of-life series too. — Jenni

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