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All Wuthering Waves Healers at Launch (Early Game)

With Wuthering Waves’ launch, there are many characters to choose from who can fulfill a lot of different roles. However, Healers are the backbone of every team, keeping their teammates alive. These are the Wuthering Waves healers you can get in the RPG’s early game.

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Baizhi is one of the free-to-play characters that you get after you unlock the gacha mechanic in Wuthering Waves. Baizhi is a Glacio Rectifier unit whose Resonance Skill and Emergency Plan simultaneously deal damage while restoring her party’s HP.

Her Resonance Liberation is Momentary Union, which also restores her party’s HP and grants her four stacks of Remnant Entities. Remnant Entities are individual independent organisms that follow your active character around to deal damage and restore HP. One stack is consumed every two and a half seconds.

Baizhi’s moves make her a pretty versatile unit. You don’t need to sit and wait while she heals the party. Instead, she has her methods of attack on and off the field while she heals, which makes her a really good support unit overall.


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Verina is a Five Star Spectro Rectifier character who can be obtained from the standard banner. She heals primarily through her Resonance Liberation, Arborial Flourish. This move heals her party (and friends’ parties in Co-Op), deals damage to surrounding foes, and puts a Photosynthesis Mark on an enemy.

Photosynthesis Mark is a really useful support skill that allows Verina to attack enemies while she is not on the field. When the active character (who doesn’t have to be Verina herself) attacks an enemy marked with the Photosynthesis Mark, Verina will launch a coordinated attack upon them. She also has the ability to continue healing the active character while the Photosynthesis Mark is active. While Verina is more of an overall support character than a healer, she still heals fantastically and is an overall good Resonator to have on your side.

And yep, that’s it! Incredibly, there are only two healers available at launch. So, if you desperately want to fill that support slot on your team, you are going to have to settle for either Baizhi or Verina. Thankfully, Verina is actually a pretty incredible unit, making her likely to be one of Wuthering Wave’s best Healers for some time to come.

Wuthering Waves is now available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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