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Best XSEED Games on the Switch (That Don’t Involve Story of Seasons)


When you think of XSEED games, one series probably comes to mind. It’s been the provider of Story of Seasons titles, Rune Factory spin-offs included, for years. But it isn’t the only series it handles. The company is known for an array of different kinds of games. To help better introduce others to people, here are other great XSEED games on the Switch people shouldn’t overlook.

Best XSEED Games on the Switch (That Don’t Involve Story of Seasons)

Best scary XSEED Switch game: Corpse Party

Over the years, Corpse Party turned into a horror series staple. It shows up on multiple platforms, with some versions being remastered or others offering additional features. Corpse Party on the Switch is one of the fuller experiences. This is due to it featuring the main game and its extra chapters, as well as new stories following Ayumi and Yoshiki and Miku and Ryoka. It’s astonishing how disturbing a title originally made in an RPG Maker game can be.

Shadowverse Champions Battle

Best XSEED Switch card game and anime-based title: Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle

Okay, I’ll go ahead and get this out of the way. Yes, Shadowverse is a Gwent/Hearthstone/Faeria sort of collectible card game. It is incredibly compelling. There are seven factions, each with their own playstyles, as well as neutral cards to pair with all of them. You can get competitive! You can also try to solve battle puzzles, which are more thoughtful and about solving a particular challenge. It’s also tied to the Shadowverse anime, with characters reappearing and a world to explore, adding RPG elements. It is way more fun than it has any right to be, and essentially offers the same vibes as a modern day Pokemon Trading Card Game RPG at times.

Best XSEED Games on the Switch (That Don’t Involve Story of Seasons)

Best XSEED Switch farming game that isn’t a Story of Seasons game: Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Yes, you can farm in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin! Though really, it is all only about farming rice. This means it can get more into the nitty gritty of growing and preparing it. So you can end up sowing it, tilling it, growing it, laying it and drying it, then finally threshing and polishing it. It’s a lot!

It also isn’t the only focus of the game. You’re also heading into areas and beating up lots of enemies. But farming is a part of the experience too!

Fate/Extella Link

Best XSEED Switch Game with relationship-building that isn’t Story of Seasons: Fate/Extella Link

XSEED localized both of the Musou-like Fate/Extella games, but it’s Fate/Extella Link that offers a better means of getting to know various Servants. Especially since, from the start, you get Charlemagne, Nero, and Tamamo to talk to. There is no romance here, though some Servants are in love with your character, but you can Bond with your new allies to make them a stronger fighter and see more Bond Events.

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