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Best Zenless Zone Zero Teams

Given Zenless Zone Zero involves only three characters being by your side on a mission and them being tied to factions and roles, picking the best ones for your teams is critical. Especially given the number available initially. It’s possible to bring together some fun allies who work for you, even if you just go with the free folks and currency doled out initially.

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How should I build a Zenless Zone Zero team?

Like Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, keeping track of character roles in Zenless Zone Zero is critical to building the best possible team. Since you only have three characters possible, it means prioritizing and trying not to double-up if you can. Ideally, you want an attacker as your main DPS, then them to be supported by two characters from other roles. So an attacker, a person who focuses on stunning enemies, and a supporter. Or, as another example, an attacker, a character who handles anomaly debuffs, and a tank. You can mix and match to find what works. There are also characters who are, well, a bit of an anomaly, as Grace falls into that role and can be a primary DPS. 

However, if you find yourself lucky enough to pull multiple S-rank attack Agents, you like certain characters’ playstyle, or really want to prioritize only using characters from the same faction for a bonus, then putting together people you like for the sake of fun works too! Making sure there’s at least one attacker and someone who can support them will just start becoming more important for higher-difficulty situations.

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What are some of the best Zenless Zone Zero team options in 2024?

When Zenless Zone Zero launched in July 2024, 17 characters were available. Of those, you could get Anby, Ben, Billy, Corin, Nicole, and Soukaku for free. So there are some initial limitations for what you can or can’t do. However, it does feel like a game where there is a bonus to having at least one S-rank or not-free character in your crew. In addition, there is a bonus that can come from having people from the same faction all together. So Grace has the Additional Ability called Tech Support Dept, and it increases Shock damage after she uses an EX Special Attack. 

Also, these are some of my suggestions. You might find other combinations who work better for you!

  • Best Free Team: Billy, Anby, Nicole

Since all three are members of the Cunning Hares, you get the Additional Abilities for all three triggered for fights. Billy isn’t the best DPS option, but he’s a fun character. Anby is good at triggering combos, while Nicole’s abilities can pull them together. Plus, since you are working with them a lot by force for some early missions, odds are you’ll invest in them a bit.  If you do manage to pull Nekamata, replacing Billy with her leaves you with a pretty great early team too! She’s a much stronger DPS, after all.

  • Best Low-Investment Team: Anton, Anby, Ben

Because Anton and Anby share an element and Anton and Ben are from the same faction, you’ll be triggering the Additional Abilities. So that’s helpful. Given Anton is on the main banner and is a focus unit on Ellen Joe’s, there’s a strong chance you’ll pick him up by pure luck at launch. (I’ve gotten four copies of him already from free currency in the first week!) He’s a decent DPS for an A-rank unit, plus him being a shock type means that pairing him with Anby can help with triggering the Shock effect. You get Ben for free, and he’s good to be a tank there for you early on.

  • Best Same-Faction Team: Victoria Housekeeping

There are so many Victoria Housekeeping members at launch, and you get one of them for free! Corin is slow, but she’s fine if you manage to get other members to help with the roster. Since Lycaon and Rina are among the S-rank characters you might be to get as your five-star for the Star-Studded Cast Banner’s guaranteed promotion, there’s a fairly good chance you could get one of them there. Ellen Joe, the first limited five-star, is a Victoria Housekeeping attacker you could use as a main DPS. And if you lose the 50/50 on her, you could end up with Lycaon or Rina there. 

In an ideal situation, you would want to go with Ellen, Lycaon, and Rina, if you only want to use people from the same faction.

  • Best Zenless Zone Zero Team at Launch: Ellen, Lycaon, and Soukaku.

With this team, everyone’s Additional Abilities gets triggered. Ellen and Lycaon are on the same team and are the same Ice element, while Soukaku is the same element as all of them. Both Ellen and Lycaon can be a DPS if you want, but he’s mainly there to halt the enemy by freezing them while she should focus on attacks. Meanwhile, Soukaku is there to buff her allies’ attacks. 

Zenless Zone Zero is available for the PS5, PC, and mobile devices. 

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