Beyond The Sky Is A Gloomy Adventure Game Of Life & Death



Adventure game Beyond the Sky will have players helping Selene achieve her dreams of reaching the moon, but they’ll have to deal with a gloomy wood filled with tricksters and puzzles first.



After being tricked by a wolf, Selene finds herself alone and vulnerable in a quiet moonlit wood, one full of puzzles and people to talk to. Her initial interactions with this place are quite limited, as she is unsure of herself and fearful in the environment. Over the course of play, she will become more comfortable with herself and this place, and this opens up brand new ways for players to interact with the game, offering all-new ways to look at old areas.


Beyond the Sky does away with item-based puzzles, instead using logic puzzles to challenge the player. Players will not have to look around for items, as each puzzle will be self-contained, offering everything needed to complete it where the player finds it.




Beyond the Sky looks to tell a somber story, one that deals with self-discovery, life and death, loneliness, and sadness as players explore its dark fields.


Beyond the Sky is currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight.

Alistair Wong
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