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Billion Road English Trailer Shows How Hazardous Trying to be a Billionaire Could Be


People with a need to build up a virtual board game collection will be able to build it up a bit in March 2020. That is when Acttil will be localizing Matrix Software and Bandai Namco’s Billion Road. For those unfamiliar with it, it is a game along the lines of titles like Monopoly and Itadaki Street (Fortune Street). You go around a board, attempting to acquire the largest amount of wealth. However, for those who have trouble visualizing such a thing, the first Billion Road English trailer has appeared.

This Billion Road English clip spends just over a minute with the game, looking at what people will need to do as they go around the board, make wise investments in different properties, and acquire monsters who will act as your allies. Like Itadaki Street and Monopoly, a big part involves buying up land. Also like Itadaki Street, you need to hit a certain monetary goal and reach a specific location in order to win.

Success won’t only require you to be smart with your money. Getting items and finding monsters will both play a big part. In the Billion Road English segment, we see a few possible items appear. Hyper 3 Dice, for example, lets you spin three dice on your turn instead of one. There are monster-related items, like a Monster Trap and Summoning Whistle, to help you add to your retinue. Some of the monstrous friends even show up, though we don’t get to see what the over 50 characters do. Instead, we’re teased with images of Cheerleadoll, Exactorn, Malison, Pinata, Rolly, and Takenado. Though we do know Rolly would let you reroll the dice and Takenado will steal other people’s properties and give them to you.

Billion Road will be heading to the Nintendo Switch and PC in English in March 2020. It is already available on the Nintendo Switch in Japan.

Jenni Lada
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