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Resident Evil Biohazard: The Extreme Event Will Return to USJ

Universal Studios Japan will bring back its Resident Evil Halloween event called the “Biohazard: The Extreme” under the new name Biohazard: The Extreme+.” It will introduce new creatures and characters. You will have to defeat enemies and protect Raccoon City for a high score.

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Biohazard: The Extreme+” is a maze that will let you feel the fear of the Resident Evil series but in real life. There will be two routes that you can take, the “Leon” route and the “Claire” one. Just like in Resident Evil 2, you’ll encounter different monsters and characters depending on what room you take. There will also be Mr. Raccoon toys hidden in both the maze and around the park itself.

In 2022, USJ also introduced a lot of new limited menu items based on Resident Evil as part of its “Biohazard: The Extreme” campaign. Though there are no pictures of what the attraction is like actually inside of it, it appears to be a real maze that you walk through. Monsters and characters you see will likely be projected onto a screen rather than actors in a costume.

Resident Evil 2 Remake is available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC. You’ll be able to find the “Biohazard: The Extreme” maze in New York Area of USJ. It’ll be available from September 8 to November 15, 2023. To access this attraction, you’ll need to buy a pass beforehand via the USJ website.

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