Bishoujo Visual Novel Sword Of Asumi Arrives In January 2015



AJ Tilley’s bishoujo visual novel Sword of Asumi now has a Steam store page that reveals it will be released on January 30th 2015 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Sword of Asumi follows a female samurai of the black clan called Asumi as she finds herself trying to root out a rebellion before civil war can engulf Edo and its people.


Edo is an alternate realm in which samurai were never outlawed and the Emperors have no power. It’s set in modern times but traditions still hold a lot of power in Japan, and the samurais are still at large.


There’s a special unit among the samurai known as the Justicar, and it’s this position that Asumi has recently been appointed to in Edo.


You’ll have to guide Asumi in her mission, meeting several different characters – four potential love interests – and multiple good and bad endings. It should give you about six hours of play in one run through the game.


There will be DLC available on launch, which includes a Sword of Edo graphic novel, the game’s soundtrack, and an anime character creator minigame.

Chris Priestman