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Black Butler: Emerald Witch Arc Announced for 2025

Crunchyroll has announced a 2025 release window for Black Butler: Emerald Witch Arc. This will be a direct sequel to the current Public School Arc.

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You can watch the trailer for Black Butler: Emerald Witch Arc here:

The trailer, which is a minute long, opens with dogs barking in a forest with fallen trees. A pair of riders pull up, confused as to their dogs’ reaction, before it reveals a monster emerging from the woods. It then ends with narration from Sebastian. As we can see from the end of the trailer, Maaya Sakamoto and Daisuke Ono will reprise their roles as Ciel and Sebastian, respectively.

Currently, the Black Butler anime is covering the Public School Arc. A relative of Queen Victoria, Derrick Arden, has refused to return home or write letters from Weston College, which is very uncharacteristic for him. Ciel and Sebastian infiltrate the school in order to investigate. The anime covering this arc ran from April to June 2024, with eleven episodes in total.

Black Butler is a long-running and highly influential anime and manga series from Yana Toboso, who also worked as a character designer on Twisted Wonderland. It covers the story of Ciel Phantomhive, who inherited the position of Queen’s Watchdog from his father. His butler Sebastian is actually a demon with whom he’d formed a contract with, with the reasons behind this a rather dark mystery in the series.

Black Butler: Emerald Witch Arc will appear in Japan and on Crunchyroll some time in 2025. More information on it, as well as a longer trailer, will appear before then.

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