Black Closet Brings A Little Bit Of “Schoolgirl Noir” To Steam

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Long Live The Queen developer Hanako Games has released its “schoolgirl noir” RPG Black Closet on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s also available directly from Hanako Games.


You play as the president of the student council of an exclusive all-girls boarding school. Your job is to uphold the school’s reputation by preventing crimes or covering them if they do happen.


At your disposal are five minions that you can send out to solve the randomly generated mystery cases. These might involve stolen computers, smoking in the bathroom, girls handcuffed to beds, and bombs planted in school buildings.


On the weekends you’re able to get to know your minions a little better by taking them out on choice-based dates. Doing this is important as, firstly, you can eventually choose a girl to be your queen and explore her romance route. But, secondly, one of your minions is a traitor, so you need to find out which one before she brings down the whole school.


Hanako Games tells Siliconera that Black Closet “is much less murderous than Long Live The Queen, but it’s still tough work being at the top. It’s also a little bit naughtier…”

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