Black Desert Developers Reveal Prequel MMO Crimson Desert

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Yesterday at G-Star 2019 in Korea, Pearl Abyss, the makers of MMORPG Black Desert, revealed a new MMO game that is set in the distant past of Black Desert, titled Crimson Desert.

Featuring realistic graphics rendered using Pearl Abyss’ engine, Crimson Abyss is an MMO centered around mercenaries and their battles waged for survival. Check out the reveal trailer below:

Let the blood-stained saga begin. The actual in-game footage trailer centers on Macduff and his fellow mercenaries, fighting to survive in the harsh and unforgiving continent of Pywell. Crimson Desert, being developed on Pearl Abyss’ proprietary game engine, will be released on both PC and Console.

According to Pearl Abyss, this game is loosely tied to Black Desert by being set in the distant past, but are separate stories that are trying to do its own thing. While Black Desert was focused on building up your one character to take on content, Crimson Desert has you commanding mercenaries as part of the main gameplay systems.

Crimson Desert is currently planned for beta testing in 2020. The game will be released on PC and consoles.

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