Black Desert’s Sorcerer Shows Off Her Deadly Reaper’s Scythe


Back in September, Pearl Abyss revealed the awakening weapon system for Black Desert. It unlocks a new weapon for each class that brings with it a new playstyle and skill set when reaching level 56. You can switch between an awakened weapon and your other main weapon mid-combo.


The first three awakening weapons were outlined for the Sorcerer, Berserker, and Warrior. The Ranger’s awakening weapon has also since been revealed. We’ve already seen the Warrior’s Greatsword in action when his video arrived back in October. Now the Sorcerer’s Reaper’s Scythe can be seen in action with her awakened weapon video.


The Reaper’s Scythe allows the Sorcerer to deal much more area-of-effect damage at the short and mid-range and also grants her a few new ranged spells to cast. It’s only available in the Korean server for now.

Chris Priestman